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Original Coffee Abstraction Painting


Inspired by the created expanse of the heavens.


Discarded, expired coffee, no longer viable for consumption was brewed and reduced down to a dark resin and applied to canvas. (This painting contains approximately 90 cups of coffee produced from 3 lbs of thrown out coffee beans.) Once dried, various sized round objects were arranged on the canvas. An old plate, bowls, dishes and even a coffee cup... liquid coffee was then splashed around the objects to define wet rings. The artist then removed the objects and blew the puddled water away from the circular forms. Finally, liquid coffee was thrown and splashed from high above the canvas and then maneuvered by the artist breath to produce the gaseous patterns. 



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Coffee  Abstraction



24" wide x 48" high

Coffee on Canvas, Gallery Wrap


© Copyright 2016, Steven D. Mikel