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Dark Roast Coffee Abstraction

This Painting Helps Coffee Sustainability**



Process: THRIVE Farmers expired (longer viable for consumption) Farmhouse Morning Blend coffee was brewed and reduced down to a dark resin and applied to canvas. (This painting contains approximately 90 cups of coffee produced from almost 3 lbs of thrown out coffee beans.) Once dried, using various mixtures of water and reduced coffee the artist splashed and manipulated layer upon layer of textures.


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Splash - A Dark Roast Coffee Abstraction



36" wide x 24" high x 1.5" deep

© 2016
THRIVE Farmers Expired Coffee on Canvas, Gallery Wrap


© Copyright Steven D. Mikel


Videos & Photos Showing Process



**This Original Art Helps Coffee Sustainability


Starting in September 2016, Steven Mikel began painting with expired direct-sourced coffee from THRIVE Farmers to create many of his Dark Roast Paintings. Additionally, Steven has pledged to donate 10% of all related painting sales to support sustainable development projects among coffee farming communities via the ThriveWorx Foundation, the non-profit arm of THRIVE Farmers International.


THRIVE Farmers & THRIVE Worx Foundation Sustainably Sourced Coffee
Official Press Lease
Download the Press Release September 2016 - Steven Mikel and THRIVE Farmers partnership