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Original Coffee Break™ painting:
Using Starbucks® French Roast Coffee

Having grown up in South Bend, Ind and Cleveland and Dayton, Ohio I saw my share of snow and lake effect winters.  Dad blasting our way through 8 foot snow drifts, while we all shouted and laughed in the VW Square-back trying to forge a path to church on the back roads of South Bend remains one of my most vivid memories of childhood. One of my favorite winter scenes in fresh fallen snow on pine trees; The bright contrast of hunter green and crystal white display some of the most dynamic representations of what God has set in motion within His creation. The Christmas season with colorful decorations gives us the opportunity to celebrate His love, grace, and plan of restoration; so this study of a frosted Christmas bulb caught in the fresh snow brings back all those aspects.





12" x 8" © Copyright Steven D. Mikel