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"Last Light"

Original Dark Roast Watercolor™ painting:
Using Folgers® Dark Roast Coffee & Starbucks® Pike Place Coffee

My wife and I have been living in Florida since the winter of 2001, 10 years in Celebration, Florida and now on the coast in Sarasota.  We love the beach, especially the Florida gulf coast. I have always been fascinated by the intricate diversity of God's creation and the beach has such a rich treasure of wonders... How do those small creatures form those delicate spirals, colors and shapes. Add to that the incredible beauty of the setting sun resembling the melting of butter in a hot skillet, and well... it just does not get any better.  

I had an idea for a painting that featured a super low perspective of the sun setting and the last light sparkling off the tops of the surf foam and bubbles, so Jo and I popped over to Siesta Key Beach with my phone camera and I took some reference photos. Of course I dropped my phone into the wet sand for added drama... 

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"Last Light" 19.5wx12.5h Painted with Coffee

"Last Light"

19.5 x 12.5" © Copyright Steven D. Mikel