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"St. Augustine Daymark"

Original Dark Roast Watercolor™ painting:
Using Local St. Augustine coffee Roaster:
Jayells Coffee Company - Ancient City Dark Roast


St. Augustine Lighthouse

F. FL. W., 30 sec.

F.Fl. = fixed flashing light

W. = white light

30 sec. = 30 second repeat pattern


Note: A single flash occurred at the beginning of the timed cycle. The Saint Augustine Lighthouse beacon would flash once at the beginning of the cycle with no more flashes for the remaining 29 seconds of its 30 second cycle.  



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Dark Roast Watercolor Coffee Painting of the St. Augustine Lighthouse


"St. Augustine Daymark"


5.75" wide x 9.5" high © Copyright Steven D. Mikel


Thank-You Jayells for supporting the local Art Scene
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