Coffee Lifescapes™

"Still life's" have always been the subject of fine artists throughout the ages.
Coffee Lifescapes™ are paintings depicting the moments in life revolving around our cultures relationship with coffee.
From a quiet moment alone with a fresh cup of your favorite brew, to those intimate moments within our relationships or
the spontaneous relational collisions within our busy public encounters, there is always a story... 
There is always an opportunity for a "stilled" snap shot of "life's" interaction and experience.

Steve, captures these "Lifescapes" and shares the story
using the medium of coffee itself within these original Dark Roast Watercolor™ paintings.

The paintings are most often textural and combined with detail, complexity and Steve's unique vantage point.


Click on any of the thumbnails to view more information and larger image of each Coffee Lifescape™ Painting.

Painting with coffee of the quiet lazy river.
"Up River"


Smooth Espresso