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"'tween a Rock and a Hard Place"

Original Dark Roast Watercolor™ painting:
Using Starbucks® French Roast Coffee


While staying in Asheville, NC at the beautiful Grand Bohemian Hotel.  I got the opportunity to take my family into the downtown area to see the sites.  I took my camera and sketch book with anticipation of what architecture and scenes I might see.  As I wandered around, I stumbled upon a pile of rubble just a few steps away from the Police station.

The large chunks of rock were being sharply chiseled by the intense sunlight; leaving dark contrast in the depths between them.  Out of a bit of soil, that had been exposed, was this patch of "Wood Sorrel" with its small, delicate and brilliant yellow blossoms and inverted heart shaped leaves.  Honestly, the first thought that came into my head was "look at that... tween a rock and a hard place"
I continue to find that God has little "life lessons" everywhere, if we are willing to look.  Here were these perfect representatives of His creative nature, thriving between the broken rocky rubble with their roots clinging to the soil that was available to them... hum interesting.

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"'tween a Rock and a Hard Place"

13.5" x 20.5" © Copyright Steven D. Mikel