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"Tangled Trio"

Original Dark Roast Watercolor™ painting:
Using Folgers® Dark Roast Coffee

During one of my trips to Asheville, NC... I went for a walk to gather sketches and painting ideas.  Along a beautiful creek, flowing down the mountain side, I stumbled across (quite literally) this small trio of acorns resting amidst the bed of pine needles.  I was fascinated by the contrast of strong linear needles framing the rounded acorns.  I believe these little things sometimes shout out to the existence of God... What an incredible testimony to His creative beauty. To realize that the acorns with their round symmetry, capped with layered diamond shaped plates are part of the same tree that produces the long delicate needles.  All of which grow, mature, embrace the sun, winds and rain, and in their season, finally fall to the ground weaving scenes of incredible design.

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Acorns, Pine needles and underbrush, painted entirely with coffee

"Tangled Trio"

20.5 x 13.25" © Copyright 2013 Steven D. Mikel