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Original Dark Roast Watercolor™ painting:
Using Folgers® Black Silk Coffee


During a special event, where I was painting, i was asked if I painted portraits...


My typical response to that question has been, that there are lots of very talented and skilled artists who focus on the human form who are far better at capturing a "living" moment.  However, this particular guest went on to challenge me to send them a sketch of how i would paint "Audrey Hepburn".  After doing some initial research I came across a photo of young "Audrey" in a Vogue photo shoot, where she had playfully clenched her sunglasses between her teeth. I drew a few practice sketches, and then settled on this one I ended up painting. 


In the grand scheme of things... this painting might come to be considered a pivotal work, as it is the first "true portrait" painting I have made available...  Yes, I painted a "portrait-ish" style painting called "Smokey"... but it's particular lighting style and technique would probably not qualify it as a "true portrait".


"Audrey" has opened a few new doors for me as an artist...

She has removed some of my apprehension towards painting the human form, while at the same time stimulating my curiosity and appreciation of God's greatest and most intricate creation, and a desire to spend more time practicing my ability to interpret, render and present it.

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Audrey Hepburn - Vogue Hat, Painted entiely with coffee


10" x 12" © Copyright Steven D. Mikel