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Golden Linings

"Golden Linings"

Original Dark Roast Watercolor™ painting:
Using Folgers Black Silk Coffee


If you were to ask my mom about the subject matter of my early photography, I am pretty sure she would respond with a single word: Clouds.  


In fact i recently came across a whole stack of Instamatic 126 photos, each one being a different cloud formation.


It was never about seeing "things" in the clouds, like a bear, or Mickey Mouse, it was always about the clouds themselves.  I was drawn to the incredible contrasts, corpuscular rays, silver and gold linings, rain streaks, thunder heads and even fogs.


Clouds, are probably one of the reasons I like living in Florida, we have, for the most part, clear blue skies or Blue skies with Clouds. Yes we get the occasional storm... Which usually causes me to grab a cup of coffee with my wife and sit on the back porch watching the rain... but, the clouds still draw me.

Majestic beauty, infinite ranges of light, a glimpse of heaven here on earth.


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Subtle Takeover - Painting with coffee

"Golden Linings"

12" x 8" © Copyright Steven D. Mikel