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"Orlando Grand" - SOLD

Original Dark Roast Watercolor™ painting:
Using Starbucks® Espresso, Ethiopia Limu & French Roast Coffee

Here is the latest in my Architectural Line...

I have the great pleasure of working with the Kessler Collection,
and most recently, was asked to paint on site during the Sunday Jazz Brunch at the famous AAA 4 diamond awarded
Kessler Collection; Grand Bohemian Hotel in the center of downtown Orlando, Florida.

My personal goal was to have a painting to work on during the event that would accentuate the grand nature
of this beautiful hotel, so... a few days before the Jazz brunch I traveled downtown to get some shots and sketches.
I finally settled on this unique viewpoint.

However, in order to get the sketch, I had to take a rather risky position, lying on my back in the street.
I had noticed that there seemed to be a lane not being used by city traffic which provided the somewhat safe opportunity...
What I realized after a few photos and trying to get a quick sketch was that the reason the lane was devoid of passenger cars
was that it was reserved for the buses!  Quite a shock for both myself and the first bus driver coming around the corner
who saw the startled and panicked Artist (yours truly) on his back sketching, spring out of road onto the safety of the curb just in time. 
Everyone that has seen the painting has confirmed that the vantage point was worth it.


"Orlando Grand"

28" x 20" © Copyright Steven D. Mikel



A few detail views below: