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"Starbucks® Time" 

Original Coffee Break™ painting:
Using Starbucks® French Roast  & Breakfast Blend Coffees

I imagined looking East-North East over the city of Seattle as the sun crests on the horizon, silhouetting Mt Rainer, and the city skyline as the west coast metropolis comes to life.  A few lights were left on overnight in the cityscape, and many other lights are seen in the lower areas as people get ready for the day.
First stop, the nearest Starbucks®, cause after all, from dawn to dusk, it's Starbucks® Time.

To see a HIGH REZ Image... click on the picture below, remember after the new High Rez image loads, you can zoom in. Enjoy.



"Starbucks® Time"

21" x 13.5" © Copyright Steven D. Mikel

(No longer available - Private Collection: Howard Schultz)