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"After Noon Brainstorm" SOLD

Original Coffee Break™ painting:
Using Starbucks® French Roast Coffee

Using a few suggested and passed images, I imagined sitting in the original Pike Place Market Starbucks® store, while the late afternoon sunshine pours through the glowing windows, and casts long contrasting shadows across the leather & loop back chairs and conference table.  A Starbucks® coffee cup is resting near a Montblanc pen and moleskin® notebook which are intertwined with the shadows from the vase of fresh flowers.

To see a HIGH REZ Image... click on the picture below, remember after the new High Rez image loads, you can zoom in. Enjoy.



"After Noon Brainstorm"

9" x 12" © Copyright Steven D. Mikel


(No longer available - Private Collection: Peter Gibbons)