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"Pumpkin Patch Floor"

Original Dark Roast Watercolor™ painting:
Using Starbucks® French Roast Coffee


Maybe you're originally from a middle American town like I am. I still remember the smell of the corn fields as the tassels opened, or the wonderful rich, earthy, musky sweet aroma as the dried corn husks were cut down and hauled off to bonfires. Even here in Florida I've come across towns that lay down a bed of dried corn husk to protect the grass as they display pumpkins for sale in Autumn. I came across one of these "Pumpkin Patch" locations on a day when the sun was especially bright, and felt I was almost transported back in time. Not only had the bright sun intensified the ambient fragrance but it also drastically increased the contrast between the many layers of tassels and husks as it fought its way to the grass below.


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"Pumpkin Patch Floor"

28 x 20" © Copyright 2010 Steven D. Mikel