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"British Dew" SOLD

Original Dark Roast Watercolor™ painting:
Using Starbucks® French Roast Coffee

In my younger days I used to enjoy racing SCCA solo 1 races. These were usually held in a large parking lot where orange pylons were arranged in such a way as to create a track.  Members of various clubs would gather and compete within classes for best time around the course.  I raced a couple of Austin Healy "Spidgets" (a cross between an MG Midget and the Austin Healy Sprite) and a Triumph Spitfire (fun times!).   When Jo and I moved to Celebration, we came across an Austin Healy (Frogeye or Bugeye, depending on which side of the pond you live on...) and were blessed at the time with the ability to restore it from the floor-pans up.  What a fun car it was!

Because of my history with British sports cars, seeing one will always grab my attention. I caught a glimpse of this MG TC (I think) on a morning right after a heavy dew.  The sun was not yet fully risen but it was bright enough that the dew drops seemed to pop off the chrome and paint.  Ah, the memories...

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"British Dew"


28 x 20" © Copyright Steven D. Mikel