St. Augustine, Florida

450th Year Celebration Series

St. Augustine, Seen from a top the St. Augustine Lighthouse

St. Augustine, Florida celebrates its 450th year in 2015.

The Ancient City was founded by Don Pedro Menéndez de Avilés
(a Spanish admiral and explorer) in 1565 and holds the distinction of being the Oldest City
(continuously occupied European-established settlement) and port in the continental United States.


~ The Ancient City ~


I'm a romantic, I admit it. I love the brick streets, Spanish Renaissance Architecture and ancient feel of the city. The Casa Monica Hotel, is my wife and my favorite place to call home there. And we truly enjoy wandering the streets taking in the sites. She enjoys the shops (so do I) but I am usually sprawled out on my stomach getting a unique low vantage angle of a landmark or tucked back into an often missed corner doing some detail sketches of a bit of wrought iron fence or texture of Coquina surface. She has had to warn me of approaching tourist trolleys or cars that I don't see due to my current state...

Steven Mikel - Artist with unique Perspective view paintings


~ The St. Augustine collection ~

During 2015 I will be visiting and painting a series of works depicting the city based upon my inspirations there.
Always looking for the "passed by" or "often missed" perspectives; these paintings will be a unique look at the city, its landmarks, character and textures.

I have created this location on my website to help document and inform any who are interested in following the progress of these particular paintings and will add sketches and updates for all works as they develop. Enjoy!



~ The Coffee ~

Locally Roasted
Organic Whole Bean Coffee
St. Augustine Florida


I have the pleasure of sipping and painting with Jayellls Coffee Comapny coffees for this collection of St. Augustine paintings.
Thank-You Lynda, and all the folks at Jayells! 
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Click on any of the painting images to see:
larger images, stories behind the inspiration, and progression slide shows


Corner of Aviles and Cadiz
"Corner of Aviles and Cadiz"


Textural Study of one of the many Coquina Walls in the city of St. Augustine, Florida
"Aviles Coquina"

Not Finished Yet...

Golden Linings

Golden Linings


Wickie Way
"Wickie Way"


Protecting the Bridge
"Protecting the Bridge"


The Two Towers
"The Two Towers"


Trinity Parish
"Trinity Parish"


Ancient City Latch
"Ancient City Latch"


Standing Before the Lightner
"Standing Before the Lightner"


St. Augustine Daymark

"St. Augustine Daymark"

Brick Work

"Brick Work"

Collegiate Hibiscus © Copyright Steven Mikel
"Collegiate Hibiscus"