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"Brick Work"

Original Dark Roast Watercolor™ painting


St. Augustine Florida, America's Oldest City, "cobblestone" streets...


While visiting the Casa Monica Hotel for an Artist Reception during a "First Friday" Galley walk, my wife and I took to the streets to savor the cities "life" and history.


You know me, either my head is pointed up, or down, always looking for the hidden crannies and unobserved nooks... I came across this place in the cobblestone street where the brick work had broken away enough to become a resting place for a stray stone and vegetation to take root.


The Reynolds Block Company was evidently one of three brick companies to supply bricks for use in St. Augustine since there was no stone available in the area.


Here along one of the oldest streets in the United States is a small "Life Lesson"... There is always a possibility of fresh growth, but often in order for that to take place, the hard and sometimes fragile aspects have to be chipped and even broken to give a place for the roots to dig in, and sometimes even the irritating and out of place pebble becomes part of the new whole.


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BREAKWATER - Painting with coffee

"Brick Work"

18.75" x 11.25" © Copyright Steven D. Mikel