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"Wickie Way"

Original Dark Roast Watercolor™ painting:
Using Local St. Augustine coffee Roaster:
Jayells Coffee Company - Ancient City Dark Roast


I'll be painting a few paintings of the St. Augustine lighthouse, but this one is sure to be one of my favorites...


My wife and I visited the Lighthouse museum, and I couldn't help it... I laid on my back at the bottom of the stairs to get a shot with the afternoon sun streaming in through the windows, illuminating the upper area. I really liked the curves and light at the top, almost pulling upward. In my research I found that the tenders of the lighthouses were given the nickname "Wickie" since they were the ones who trimmed the latern wicks. So I figured I could call a painting of the stairs leading to the lamp "Wickie Way". Enjoy. 



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Coffee painting of spiral Stariway inside the St. Augustine Lighthouse


"Wickie Way"


26" wide x 18" high © Copyright Steven D. Mikel


Thank-You Jayells for supporting the local Art Scene
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Steven Mikel Getting the shot for the painting Wickie Way

 Steve getting the shot to sketch from...


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St. Augustine 450th Year Series

St. Augustine, Seen from a top the St. Augustine Lighthouse