Dec 21, 2014 - Orlando, FL - Sunday Jazz Brunch

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Sunday Jazz Brunch - Grand Bohemian Gallery
Live Artist Event: Steven Mikel - Dark Roast Watercolors™

Sunday, December 21, 2014
The Grand Bohemian Hotel
10:00 am - 2:30 pm
For brunch information visit - The Boheme

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Some insight into Steven Mikel

Throughout my life I have always found myself seeing things differently than other people. When others would be noticing the mountain grandeur, I would be fascinated with how the drops of dew clung to the pine needles, or how the pine cones and needles gathered in abstract clumps on the ground pushed together by the mountain breezes. I am drawn to a unique vantage point, such as extreme high or low angles, which accentuate the perspective of the subject and I am captured by the “juxtaposition” of textures and objects.


Human beings have been given an incredible gift... the ability to “see” beyond the physical nature of “sight”. However, in everyday life it is easy to focus on the “Big Picture” and miss many of the little details that hold all the experiences together. My vision is to bring those hidden moments to the surface, and help all of us truly connect with the “Big Pictures” in a deeper, more emotional way. For instance...Yes, the mountain grandeur was picturesque, but the dew and pine needle compositions were there as well, and were part of the experience, even if subconsciously.


Steven Mikel Painting with coffee 

Steven D Mikel - Painting with Coffee - Grand Bohemian Hotel

Event Photos of Steve painting with coffee will be uploaded shortly after the event.